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MHYSC Academy is now running FULL YEAR U8, U9, U10, U11 and U12 programs!! MHYSC is proud to be taking the initiative in further developing our grassroots elite players by providing a program that will fast track their development. Our full year program is run by our experienced and elite staff that range from UEFA A Licensed to Provincial B Licensed coaches.

What if my child plays other sports? We encourage it. MHYSC Academy recognizes that soccer players & athletes develop best when playing other sports at the grassroots level. Throughout the fall/winter, conflicts with other sports will exist and players will miss training or games which MHYSC Academy understands. What is important is players continue to develop their technical skills throughout the year. The U8-U12 age group is the Golden Age of learning so we want to maximize players' so players need the opportunity of getting great technical training most of the year.


MHYSC Academy Program Curriculum

MHYSC is pleased to announce its new curriculum that once again leads the way in player development by delivering a forward thinking, holistic technical plan that will help all areas of a player's athletic and soccer development.


MHYSC Academy Program Features

Quality Training in Quality Facilities with Area Leading Instructors


New ball mastery & Futsal / Free Play street soccer components


New nutritional tracking & counselling


New alternative sports programming to build core strength, flexibility, balance and agility.


New player evaluation rubric sample


MHYSC Academy Programming FAQ

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