2018/2019 MHYSC Board of Directors


Mark Fonovic


Mark become President of MHYSC at the 2018 Annual General Meeting and is in his first term. He has served on the Board of Directors since 2010 and has held various positions on the board. Mark was the Equipment Director, Vice-President Business and Administration prior to becoming president. Mark played at MHYSC as a young boy and returned as an adult as a competitive Head Coach in 2009 with the 2000 boys and in 2014 became Head Coach of the 1999 boys.

Mark holds several coaching licenses including his Canadian National B Part 1 License. Mark became a Match Official in 2010 and has officiated at the OUA level and OFSAA tournaments. He is currently the club’s Club Head Referee working to ensure MHYSC’s match officials are compliant with Long Term Official Development guidelines. Mark is also a Discipline and Appeals Chair within Ontario Soccer. Mark currently coaches Life Kinetik at the Club’s Academy and assists with the U14 rep boys team. Mark volunteers his time in the soccer community to grow the game of soccer locally.



Vice-President, Business and Administration

Bradley Parris

Vice-President, Development and Operations

Bradley was elected as Vice-President, Development and Operations at the Annual General Meeting in October 2018. As VP, Development and Operations he oversees all the functions on the pitch including player and coach development. This is his third position on the board, he started in IT, moved to Director of Player Development and is now VP.  Bradley has been on MHYSC’s board for seven years

Bradley played for MHYSC while growing up and has been coaching with MHYSC on both the girls and boys Competitive side for more than 13 years. He volunteers weekly with a boys youth group for children in grades 5 and 6. Bradley is on the board as he enjoys giving back to the community and helping develop the children in our community.


Carm Spadafora

Finance Director

Carm is in his first year on the MHYSC Board and was elected as Finance Director at the 2018 Annual General Meeting. He played Youth Rep soccer reaching the Ontario Youth Soccer League level and in high school participated at OFSAA. Carm is still playing recreational soccer.

Carm does other volunteer work in the community and helps out yearly at the McMaster Hospital NICU picnic. Carm wanted to get involved with the MHYSC board to give back to the community, get involved with local youth sports, and expand his experience, horizons and connections in the community.


Lisa Rudd-Scott


Lisa is in her fourth year on the MHYSC Board serving as Secretariat during her tenure, putting her skills of organization and multitasking to work in this role. She played soccer at Sir Allan MacNab High School and Mohawk College. Lisa was team manager for the 1999 boys for six years and the 2001 girls for two years. She is currently a match official for both MHYSC and Hamilton MJ League.

Lisa has been a manager of Hamilton Minor Hockey teams and a director/ facilitator of the Mom to Mom and Plant Sale outreach programs through Peoples Church. Lisa joined the MHYSC board as she likes the game of soccer and being involved at many different levels. She is an advocate for youth soccer developing, encouraging and enhancing soccer programs in the community. She is also a master of time management and a green belt in Lean Six Sigma.


Tom Filipovic

Information Technology Director

Tom has been on the MHYSC Board for two years and was elected to his current post as IT Director at the 2018 Annual General Meeting. Tom wants to use his technical background, to make it easier for MHYSC members to get access to the club and the information they need. He played soccer as a child until the age of 14 and reconnected with the game again in his mid 20s and hasn’t looked back since. Tom has coached for 12 years and recently became a referee to continue participating in the beautiful game.

Tom chose to join the board because this club has given so much to his two boys who absolutely love playing soccer and the coaches they have had over the years. He views this as an opportunity to give back to MHYSC and help make it better for future generations of local soccer players.


Norm Miller

Marketing and Communications Director

Norm joined the MHYSC Board in 2013 as a Director at Large, before moving into his current role of Marketing and Communications Director in 2014. He has volunteered at the club since 2010 coaching boys and girls teams in house league and has coached a 2005 Boys Rep Team at MHYSC for six years. He played youth soccer at Nepean Hotspur and two seasons at Laurentian High School in Ottawa. Norm has worked previously in sports with the Canadian Football League, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, 2003 Road World Cycling Championships and a sports marketing agency, and is still active with Cable 14 on their Hamilton Bulldogs television broadcasts and other local sports productions.

Norm decided he wanted to volunteer at the club as a coach to be involved with his two children and to help pay it forward for all the people who coached his teams when he was young. Norm is on the MHYSC Board to help grow the game of soccer in Hamilton and in Canada. Part of his spark to joining the Board was watching Canada lose a men’s World Cup Qualifier game 8-1 to Honduras which eliminated them from 2014 World Cup Qualifying.


Mike Cacciacarro

Sponsorship Director

Mike joined the MHYSC as Sponsorship Director after being elected to the position at the Annual General Meeting in October 2018.

He currently volunteers as a parent coach with MHYSC’s U10 Boys Academy. Mike has been volunteering for six years as a coach at the club, he started in House League for one year and with the Academy for five years. Mike volunteers to support his son who plays in the Academy and to be a strong presence and role model in his life and for the kids and the community.


Peter Douiliou

Equipment Director

Peter has been on the MHYSC Board as Equipment Director for two years. His role is to procure all equipment for the club including house league, academy and rep team kits, soccer balls, trophies and photography service. Peter has also volunteered with Stoney Creek Minor Hockey.


Shawn Boecker

Full Field Operations Director

Shawn has been on the MHYSC Board for two years and was elected to his current role of Full Field Operations Director at the 2018 Annual General meeting. He has 12 years of coaching soccer and six years of board experience. Shawn has been involved in community as a volunteer as President Gilkson Park Community Association (Gilkson Soccer) and 12 years coaching hockey (MHMHA, Hamilton Huskies, Westmount Secondary School, Coronation hockey).

Shawn is proud to be a part of MHYSC to promote soccer within our community. He is a firm believer that community-based sport has a positive influence in the health and well-being in the lives of our youth.  Shawn feels that soccer is a great facilitator for community engagement and interaction, and promotes healthy, inclusive, strong bonds within our neighbourhoods.


Patty Morgan

Micro / Mini Field Operations Director

Patty has been Micro / Mini Field Operations Director at MHYSC  for the past four years. She is a full time Community Counsellor/Life Coach and a busy mother to a wonderful daughter who also plays soccer.

She has played soccer for a few seasons and spent many proud, rainy, early weekend mornings on the sidelines watching her daughter. Patty knows by watching that soccer promotes teamwork and really does not have a language barrier. It can bring many different walks of life together as well as people from all over Ontario successfully.


Cathie Campbell

Scheduler and Field Director

Cathie Campbell is in her first year on the MHYSC Board and was appointed as Scheduler and Field Director. She has been involved at the Club as a Team Manager for two years.

She volunteers at her granddaughter’s school helping out with trips and other activities. Cathie is on the MHYSC Board to effect positive changes within the MHYSC


Raffy Morcone

Player Development Director

Raffy has been on the MHYSC Board for two years and was elected as the Player Development Director at the 2018 Annual General Meeting. He has been part of the Club for more than 10 years. He started coaching his daughter at the U4 age group in 2008 and has been coaching ever since. Raffy has a passion for coaching all age groups in helping players develop to their full potential and is currently helping to coach his son at the U9 level. Over the years he has taken many coaching courses to be able to coach players from U4 – U13+ and currently have his Provincial C license trained certification.

Soccer is a big part of Raffy’s life and decided he wanted to become more involved with the organization and give back to the Mount Hamilton soccer community. Giving children the best experience possible in soccer will ensure all players enjoy the game and develop better skills to play soccer for life. Playing soccer can provide the opportunity to excel to the highest level or simply enable children to play the game and learn life skills in a healthy environment.


Jonas Scott

Discipline Director

Jonas is in his third year as a MHYSC board member and is the club’s Discipline Director. In this role he is responsible for any necessary disciplinary action to coaches and players in MHYSC’s house league and also supports any coaches and players from the club who face disciplinary hearing at the Hamilton District level. Jonas played soccer as a youth and was the assistant coach for the 1999 boys for six years, and was an assistant coach for the 2001 girls.  He is currently a match official for MHYSC and Hamilton MJ league.

Jonas coached hockey for seven years at Mount Hamilton Minor Hockey and also volunteered with The Bright Run. He joined the board as he enjoys the sport of soccer and likes to be involved at all levels of soccer, from coach, to match official to board member. Jonas feels that being on the board allows him to make a positive contribution to the sport of soccer in his community.


Bernie Godin

Tournament Director

Bernie joined the MHYSC Board in 2018 and was elected as Tournament Director at the 2018 Annual General Meeting. He has been involved in soccer for more than ten years. Bernie has served as manager of the 2000 girls team at MHYSC for four years.

Bernie coached house league and hockey for more than 15 years and was also involved with the Burlington Barracuda’s senior AAA 5 years In the CWHL. He is on the board because he wants to help young players enjoy the game.


Christina Beltrano

Director at Large - Business Administration

Christina is in her second year on the MHYSC Board as Director at Large - Business Administration. She has been a soccer player for 20 years and volunteered as a house league coach.

Christina has also volunteered her time on her childrens’ school Parent Council. She is on the board because she wants to ensure a positive atmosphere for the kids and their families. Her son has played for Mount Hamilton for a number of years and she felt that it was time to give back.


Samer Salman

Director at Large, Development and Operations

Samer has been on the MHYSC Board for two years as Director at Large, Development and Operations. He helped facilitate MHYSC’s newcomer soccer day at Gilkson Park in July, 2018 which gave new Canadian children and their families a free day of soccer and introduced them to the club.


Craig Blondin

Director at Large

Craig has been on the MHYSC Board for two years and supports the club’s business development and strategic planning activities. He was previously on the Board of Directors with the Gilkson Park Community Association (Gilkson Soccer). He has volunteered his time to Gilkson Park, Professional Women Council and the Inclusion Change team at Rockwell Automation.

Craig joined the MHYSC board as he believes it’s important to help get kids kicking a ball and staying active.

Past Presidents

We would like thank our past presidents for all their dedication and hard work to get us to where we are today

Cliff Marshall

1964 – 1977

Mary Morris

1977 – 1979

Ray Maxwell

1979 – 1980

Charlie Paul

1980 – 1981

Tony Reid

1981 – 1986

Rick Makins

1986 – 1992

John DeSantis

1992 – 2007

John DiDonato

2007 – 2012

Anthony Odoardi

2012 – 2014

Tony De Luca

2014 – 2018

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