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Our Update With COVID-19

Update - 11/16/2020 @9:00am

Hello MHYSC Member,

As you know the Province of Ontario has moved the City of Hamilton into the Red, or Control stage, within the provincial COVID-19 Opening Framework effective Monday, November 16. Mount Hamilton Youth Soccer Club is waiting to receive direction from our partners at Redeemer Dome on what COVID-19 restrictions will look like at their facility in the Red (Control) stage and how it will impact our programs. There may also be additional information from the City of Hamilton and Ontario Soccer regarding soccer activities which would affect what we can do.Once we have more information we will communicate it with our players and coaches.

Thank you for your patience,


Update - 7/20/2020 @10:00am

Hello MHYSC Member,

The President of the Hamilton & District Soccer Association has made the following announcement:

Hi Everyone,

Hamilton Soccer, in consultation with Ontario Soccer, has made the difficult decision to cancel all league play for 2020 outdoor. The leagues that are impacted by this decision are:

  • PSL
  • H&D Multijurisdictional SL

With the recent decision from the Government of Ontario to move various regions into phase 3, unfortunately Hamilton and Haldimand were not moved to Ontario Stage 3. With the anticipated length of time it will take for the remainder of our District to move to Ontario Government phase 3, this does not allow us to support meaningful competition.

I thank you for your support during this time. I am very proud of how we as a soccer community worked together through this process.


Tom WalshPresidentHamilton Soccer

Due to this announcement Mount Hamilton Youth Soccer Club has made the difficult decision to cancel Academy and Competitive programming for the time being. We will continue to look at opportunities to get our players back on the field to train later this summer or fall when it become safe to do soLike many of you, we are disappointed the season has to be cancelled, however, the health and safety of our players, parents, officials and volunteers is our top priority.

We want to thank everyone for their patience during this process, it has been a difficult decision to navigate but we are convinced that we have made the right decision after considering that Hamilton is still in Phase 1 of Return to Play and after reviewing the many restrictions and return to play parameters.

Refunds will be available. We will follow up in the next couple of weeks with another e-mail regarding refunds and credits.

We will keep you posted and provide updates as they become available.

We are in this together. Stay safe!!

Yours in Soccer,

MHYSC Board of Directors and Staff

Update - 5/4/2020 @ 3:00pm

Information Bulletin from Ontario soccer:

Bulletin #:   I2020-050

Date:           May 14, 2020

To:               Club Membership

CC:              Ontario Soccer Board of Directors, Staff

From:          Johnny Misley, Chief Executive Officer

Subject:      Provincial Government Announcement of Opening of Outdoor Recreational Fields

Ontario Soccer, in consultation with Canada Soccer and governmental advisors, continues to monitor the most recent developments surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and are assessing operations and deciding cancellations and postponements on a month-to-month basis as the pandemic continues to unfold.

The Ontario Provincial Government today announced additional workplaces that are scheduled to re-open. 

As part of the announcement, the government stated that recreational, outdoor fields would open, beginning on May 19, 2020.

The Provincial Government further clarified this statement with the following, addressing what would specifically be opening in this regard: “recreational activities for individual or single competitors, including training and sport competitions conducted by a recognized national or provincial sport organization. This includes indoor and outdoor non-team sport competitions that can be played while maintaining physical distancing and without spectators, such as tennis, track and field and horse racing.”

At the present time, Ontario Soccer has not been provided through the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries, direction on Return to Play safety protocol or guidelines.

Ontario Soccer will continue to update membership with all relevant and current information surrounding Return to Play when known.

If your membership has further questions, please refer them to the latest bulletin, the COVID-19 Updates page, which has all the latest information from Ontario Soccer, as well as resources for your members to better inform themselves. As well, please consider placing a dedicated link to the COVID-19 Updates on the homepage on your website.

If you have not subscribed to our weekly e-Newsletter, please do so here.


If you have any questions, please contact Patty Forbes, Director of Administration.


Update - 5/12/2020 @ 12:50pm

Ontario Soccer has released an updated statement on Impacted Activities and FAQ #4 (information pulled from

Ontario Soccer, in consultation with Canada Soccer and governmental advisors, continues to monitor the most recent developments surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the resulting public health crisis.

Ontario Soccer has received additional questions from the membership, since the first COVID-19 frequently asked questions (FAQ) was released on March 16, 2020, followed by the second COVID-19 FAQ on March 23, 2020, and a third COVID-19 FAQ on April 3. Ontario Soccer have now prepared the following additional FAQ#4 in response.

Why is Ontario Soccer not allowing soccer to return? Couldn’t we just return to limited training?

While we would like nothing more than to see our participants return safely to the sport they love, Ontario Soccer must first receive confirmation from our provincial government and the Public Health Authorities on when Return to Play for all amateur sport is permitted and under what conditions. In the interim, we continue to work with the relevant government authorities and Canada Soccer to ensure first and foremost, the safety and health of our participants.

I would like to get a refund from my Club or Academy. They have directed me to contact Ontario Soccer. How do I go about getting a refund?

All refunds for registration payments are managed by Clubs and Academies. With respect to Ontario Soccer’s portion of the registration fees, Ontario Soccer has previously communicated, it will neither collect Outdoor Player Registration fees nor OSCAR SAAS fees if the 2020 Outdoor Season is cancelled in its entirety. If you are seeking a refund, please contact your Club or Academy about their refund policy.

My organization is trying to get ready for Return to Play and is looking to prepare Return to Play protocols. What resources are available to us?

A province-wide Return to Play protocol will come from Ontario Soccer, in collaboration with the Ontario Government Public Health Authority guidelines and Canada Soccer. In addition to these forthcoming guidelines, Ontario Soccer, in collaboration with Canada Soccer, is developing a risk assessment tool for Clubs and Academies to help guide their decision-making surrounding Return to Play. The data collected in the, now closed, Ontario Soccer Return to Play Survey will assist in guiding the implementation of the sport in Ontario.

While we understand and appreciate the eagerness to prepare for when Return to Play happens, we ask that organizations do not develop protocols that are independent of Ontario Soccer, Ontario Public Health Authority and Canada Soccer guidance.

I would like to continue virtual skills training with my Club after May 31.  Do I have insurance coverage and what does “in good standing” mean with regard to a player or coach?

Please refer to the April 22 bulletin regarding virtual skills training and note Indoor registration insurance coverage will cease on May 31, 2020.  If you have not registered for Outdoor 2020 there will be no insurance coverage for players or coaches engaged in virtual skills training.  A player or coach is ‘In Good Standing’ when they are fully registered in OSCAR, comply with the published rules of their Club and are not suspended or expelled from Ontario Soccer.

The Provincial Government of Ontario has announced a three-phase framework plan to re-open the province. What does this mean for soccer and when will we Return to Play?

At the present time there are no specific timelines or guidelines directed at amateur sport. However, Ontario Soccer in collaboration with Canada Soccer and the Ontario Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism, and Culture Industries are working on a Return to Play plan that will align with government protocols to be put in place. Recently we completed a membership Return to Play Stakeholder survey that had over 17,000 individual responses from the soccer community in Ontario. That data will assist us in our planning.

When will the community coaching courses be made available online?

Ontario Soccer, working in conjunction with Canada Soccer, is getting close to launching the online community coaching courses including: Active Start, Fundamentals, Learn to Train and Soccer For Life. The Game Leader course, the Goalkeeper Coach Certificate and the C-License are already available online.

Ontario Soccer will be contacting the community coaching course hosts, whose courses were re-scheduled from March, April and May 2020. If you have not re-scheduled courses and wish to do so, please contact the Ontario Soccer Coach Development Program to provide your organization’s coaches access to the online modules and provide a new, in-person, date for 2020.

I have read that Ontario Soccer was moving all Match Official Accreditation Clinics to online. When will that be launched?

All Match Official Accreditation Clinics including: Entry Level, Small Sided, Small Sided Assistant Referee and the Mentor Accreditation Clinics were launched on May 1st.  All clinics will be delivered online in 2020. All currently approved Clinics, and future Clinics have been moved to this new delivery format. The online delivery includes online self-guided study material, pre-clinic work and Zoom Webinar sessions to replicate the in-class environment. Students should first review the Student User Guide and FAQs before beginning.

How do I stay connected with Ontario Soccer while activities are suspended?

Subscribe to INSIDE THE 18 – Ontario Soccer’s weekly newsletter. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

If you have any questions, please contact Patty Forbes, Director of Administration.

Update - 5/11/2020 @ 2:00pm

As a follow up to the Ontario Soccer and Canada Soccer announcements of March 12 and March 13, as well as the Ontario Soccer announcements of March 24 and April 7, Ontario Soccer is announcing today that all sanctioned in-person soccer events and activities for the month of June have been cancelled or postponed.

This decision will affect the start of the early portion of the 2020 Outdoor Season for Local, Regional, District, Provincial, OASL, OPDL and all other leagues across Ontario.

For those who may be concerned about registering for the abridged outdoor season, Ontario Soccer is encouraging participants to do so now, so that Districts, Leagues, Clubs and Academies can be fully prepared to kick off the Return to Play season when announced. Please contact your local Club or Academy for more information about registration.

Please see Ontario Soccer's website for full details at the following link

Update - 4/7/2020 @ 11:15am

Ontario Soccer has announced that all sanctioned in-person soccer events and activities for the month of May have been cancelled or postponed.  For a full description of their announcement, please visit

For those who may be concerned about registering for the abridged outdoor season, Ontario Soccer is encouraging participants to do so now, so that Districts, Clubs and Academies can be fully prepared to kick off the Return to Play seaon when announced.

As noted, we have already extended our early bird special until May 1st and we are still actively planning our regular season.  Most regular season games don't begin until after the Victoria Day long weekend towards the end of May and based on this announcement we may only be delayed by 1 or 2 weeks (pending further announcements).  Many of our members may recall that last year we were also slightly delayed due to weather and wet field conditions but we were able to start and complete the season successfully.  We understand that these are unprecedented times, but if you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us via email, or through social media and we will do our best to respond to you in a timely manner.

We look forward to reuniting the community through sport and play once we have "crushed the curve"!  We are Community United.

Stay safe and stay tuned for more information.

Update - 4/3/2020 @ 12:30pm

To all Mount Hamilton Youth Soccer Club players, parents, coaches, and officials,

We hope you and your family are all doing well.  The changing conditions with the COVID-19 pandemic have created a challenge for us and others in the Hamilton soccer community. Clubs around the city and elsewhere are trying to figure out what a summer season could look like if it happens.

Given all the uncertainty, we wanted to give you an update on what we do know at the moment.

·  Ontario Soccer has cancelled all sanctioned programming (including training, games, team functions, tournaments) through the end of April, with the remaining season TBD.

·  Earlier this week the City of Hamilton announced all sports fields, facilities and arenas are closed until at least May 25.

·  Other cities like Burlington and Toronto have closed their fields and other facilities until the end of June.

Given the current situation, we have decided to extend the Early Bird Rate for House League Registration until May 1, 2020. You can still sign up online at, our office is closed at 9 Dallas Avenue, but you can still drop off items in the mailslot, the staff is checking for mail on a regular basis. 

Over the next few weeks, the board and staff at Mount Hamilton will be looking at the various options for what a summer house league season could look like and talk about all the aspects - including fees, length of season, and how many games. This is not the easiest job to do given all the uncertainty, but we feel it is an important exercise to do. We are working very hard to make the right decisions for not only the club but of course you, our members.

Please remember why we do this – we do this for the kids. Every decision we are making is with the children playing our sport in mind. Our hope is that we can get our kids playing back on the fields soon, within reason and with respect to our families, we feel that this would mean a lot to our players.

You can find a COVID-19 update page on the MHYSC website and be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  Thank you, and stay safe.

Mount Hamilton Youth Soccer Club Board of Direc

Update - 3/24/2020 @ 9:00pm

As a further follow up to the Ontario Soccer and Canada Soccer announcements of March 12 and March 13 regarding the suspension of all sanctioned soccer events and activities, Ontario Soccer today is announcing that all scheduled events and activities for the month of April have been cancelled

MHYSC will continue to post updates on this page as well as on our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.

Update – 3/23/2020 @ 1:00pm

Ontario Soccer, in consultation with Canada Soccer, continues to monitor the most recent developments with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the emerging public health crisis.

Ontario Soccer has received additional questions from the membership since the first COVID-19 FAQ was released on March 16, 2020. Ontario Soccer have prepared the following additional frequently asked questions (FAQ) based on inquires received.

Is the outdoor soccer season at risk of being cancelled and how is that being assessed and decided?

At the present time the 2020 Outdoor Soccer season at all levels in Ontario has not been cancelled. Ontario Soccer, working in collaboration with Canada Soccer and its Member Associations across Canada are communicating on a regular basis as we assess the situation. Within Ontario Soccer, a crisis management team meets daily monitoring and assessing directives from public health authorities, our provincial government and our provincial sport ministry office.  From these daily briefings, Ontario Soccer is updating membership on directives through our various communication channels. Please go to for our updates as well as visiting our COVID-19 Impacted Events pages for the Coaching, Match Official, High Performance and Competition and Events programs

Update – 3/17/2020 @ 2:00pm

To help slow the rate of COVID-19 infection in Hamilton, The City of Hamilton has closed our facility from March 14th to April 5th.  Please reach out to us on social media or email us at [email protected].

Please stay safe and we will communicate additional information as we receive it.  Thank you for your understanding.

Update – 3/13/2020 @ 7:30am

Hi Everyone,

Re:  COVID-19

Ontario Soccer has made the difficult decision to immediately suspend all sanctioned soccer activities in the province until further notice. Ontario Soccer sanctioned activities include, but not limited to, all competitions, training, coach and match official education and team building activities.  

Please click on the link below for more information.

Mount Hamilton is under the governance of Ontario Soccer and will therefore comply with Ontario Soccer and cancel all soccer activities until further notice.  All training sessions, GTISL games and Futsal games are cancelled.  Please avoid all team contact for whatever reason.

We will send more information on all programming as it becomes available.

The office door will be locked but staff will be there and available by phone or e-mail.  If things need to be dropped off you can use the mail slot in the door.

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